Foundations & NGOs

Weinsteiner Consulting works for foundations and not-for-profit organizations helping them understand emerging issues in order to develop strategies that enable them to realize their individualized goals.  Our extensive experience ensures that our clients can identify and refine messages that resonate with key audiences using creative, unique, and efficient avenues for message delivery.
Weinsteiner Consulting seeks to understand the social currents that are changing societies and countries and to help all types of organizations and individuals master emerging issues and implement innovative strategies.  We specialize in analyzing changes in today’s diverse socio-political and economic environments and offer all of our clients comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research analysis.
The different foundations and NGOs that have worked with Weinsteiner Consulting  have received accurate and customized research plans to suit their needs. 
Many foundations rely on Weinsteiner Consulting  to measure and communicate more strategically and effectively.

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Public Affairs

Navigating the intersection of markets, governments, policy, politics and public opinion is an increasingly challenging and important role for management teams and boards of directors. Operating in major political capitals and key emerging markets, Weinsteiner Consulting helps organizations set strategies to engage with public policy stakeholders in compelling and effective ways. We provide clients with the expertise they need to analyze, advise and deliver across these critical areas. Campaigns using media relations, digital strategies, advertising, grassroots organizing and lobbying to influence decision makers make up a public affairs initiative. Public affairs campaigns are intended to impact specific governmental actions or decisions by shaping public opinion. Weinsteiner Consulting specializes in integrated public affairs campaigns and our record of success is unparalleled.