Are you a Company and need to…

    Be ahead of the legislative & regulatory changes afecting your Organization & your Industry
    provide your Organization the value of having & keeping a good relationship with the Administration decision-making Officers?
    know which people will decide about the future of your Industry?
    getting involved and helping to conform the decision or the positioning of a Government Officers?
    your Organization to be a key player on developing and improving Public Policies?
    give voice, energy, eficient action capacity & a solid Public Relations to your Organization in order to build strong coalitions?

We help your Organization & Industry:

        identifying the key players of the legislative proces and the most relevants stakeholders;

        buiding an stead, loyal, trust & transparent relations frame with Public Legislators in order to grant an allied position;

        damage & risk limiting & taking advantage: going ahead of future changes afecting your future;

        defining an Institutional ad hoc strategy, to acomplish the right positioning;

        developing influencing campaings to position you in the core of the key players map, providing the conjunction of forces & partners to amplify your voice;

        granting your future & viability.

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Public Affairs

Navigating the intersection of markets, governments, policy, politics and public opinion is an increasingly challenging and important role for management teams and boards of directors. Operating in major political capitals and key emerging markets, Weinsteiner Consulting helps organizations set strategies to engage with public policy stakeholders in compelling and effective ways. We provide clients with the expertise they need to analyze, advise and deliver across these critical areas. Campaigns using media relations, digital strategies, advertising, grassroots organizing and lobbying to influence decision makers make up a public affairs initiative. Public affairs campaigns are intended to impact specific governmental actions or decisions by shaping public opinion. Weinsteiner Consulting specializes in integrated public affairs campaigns and our record of success is unparalleled.