Advocacy advertising allows you to define an issue of public debate on your own terms in order to shift public opinion and activate your audience. When properly executed, constituents (electors) become the amplifier for your message and the vehicle for affecting (afectar, comprometer) policy, legislation, and broader public opinion. However, because advocacy advertising promotes a point of view rather than a product or service, it requires a different approach to both creative development and media buying than traditional commercial advertising. At Marca Política, we have extensive experience in this area. We tap into the triggers that motivate your audience through public opinion research and leverage these insights across a comprehensive (integral, extensor, exhaustive) media strategy.
We create award-winning campaigns that touch your audience on issues that matter to them. What happens in the courtroom is only part of the battle. Allegations can travel the Internet at warp speed and spread virally, generate national media exposure, activate special interests and mobilize organized opposition.
Successfully navigating today's complex world of legal affairs demands sophisticated legal strategy, and equally sophisticated communications strategy. At the intersection of business, law, government, politics and media, we are uniquely positioned to serve our clients in this arena. We employ a proven two-pronged approach: conditioning the environment outside the courtroom or hearing room with the desired legal outcome in mind, while safeguarding our clients' reputations, brands and business imperatives (fundamentals) from the allegations at issue. We specialize in high profile, sensitive and complex litigation.

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Public Affairs

Navigating the intersection of markets, governments, policy, politics and public opinion is an increasingly challenging and important role for management teams and boards of directors. Operating in major political capitals and key emerging markets, Weinsteiner Consulting helps organizations set strategies to engage with public policy stakeholders in compelling and effective ways. We provide clients with the expertise they need to analyze, advise and deliver across these critical areas. Campaigns using media relations, digital strategies, advertising, grassroots organizing and lobbying to influence decision makers make up a public affairs initiative. Public affairs campaigns are intended to impact specific governmental actions or decisions by shaping public opinion. Weinsteiner Consulting specializes in integrated public affairs campaigns and our record of success is unparalleled.